Catherine Snodgrass and Chris Grover at Club RT

Chris Grover and Trixie Stilletto

The whole Amber Quill gang at Club RT. From the left: Catherine Snodgrass, Dierdre O'Dare, Trixie Stiletto, Adrianna Dane, Chris Grover, and me

Me at Club RT

Chris Grover and I before the Elora's Cave party

Chevon Gael and I before the vampire/pirate ball

Too much fun at the pirate ball! Lyndi Lamont, Isabella Jordan, and Debbie

More pirate ball. Adrianna Dane, Isabella Jordan (who definitely gets around) and Catherine Snodrass

Chevon Gael before the pirate ball

Me dressed for the fairy ball

Me at the bookfair

Chris Grover at the bookfair

Chevon Gael at the bookfair

Cathie Linz and I at the bookfair